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[Bug] Split Directory Mode Crashes   [Zeta]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Oct 21,2019 at 13:42
In Response to: [Bug] Split Directory Mode Crashes (John Gruener)

> This is not new in this build. In fact I'm able to reproduce it in
> v2.4.75 from 7 years ago. Haven't tried builds older than that. I
> discovered these crashes while testing the Directory Mode %4 & %5 change
> in this build.
> There appear to be many ways for ZTree to crash while one or both sides
> of a split are in Directory Mode.
> The easiest way to duplicate it is for CO-1U to be = Current, start a
> new session of ZTree, select a folder that has files and subdirectories,
> then:
> F8 Split
> sWitch current (left) side to Dir-mode
> Enter the File Window
> Tab to right side
> Enter the File Window
> Tab back to the left side


> - John

Not here. I followed the scenario carefully in both v2.4.187 (64b) and v2.4.188 (64b), with no crashes.

PC=Lenovo P52 laptop
OS=Win10Pro-64b, v1903 and fully patched.


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