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TAB to FW side causes higlight to step down or fuzzy   [Zeta]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Oct 22,2019 at 03:15
In Response to: [Bug] Split Directory Mode Crashes (John Gruener)

> With CO-1U = Current, when it doesn't crash on the first Tab, the
> current directory on the DM side will often change to a different
> directory. This could be a clue to the cause.

I tried the scenario you describe with native ZTW64, i.e. no ZTW.INI, only set CO-1U=Current.
Only seems to happen if both panes stand on the _same directory.
Further, it strongly depends on the amount of files in the directory:

With few files which fit into the FW:
Each TAB pair makes the highlight on the FileMode side to step down or even fuzzing up/down.
After inversing the sort order, the stepping is even more fuzzing.

With many files in the FW:
The chance to get the crash is high. Sometimes after several TAB pairs,
sometimes after selecting the last item in FW (depending of FW contents),
sometimes not before changing the sort order.

Nearly always I see that tabbing to the FileMode side changes the highlight position.



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