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[Bug] Gathering Unicode to a file   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Oct 22,2019 at 08:50
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.188 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

This bug is not new. I discovered it while testing the Gather F5 bug fix in this build.

When Gathering Unicode lines to a file, the second and subsequent Gathers which append to the same file insert non-Unicode CR/LF (0D 0A) characters as separator lines, rather than Unicode characters (00 0D 00 0A).

When Gathering to a file, the separator characters should be consistent with the Gathered file format.

(I've removed a question previously raised regarding Gathering to the clipboard. How the clipboard is handled is mostly dependent on the editor being used into which the clipboard is pasted.)

- John


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