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[Bug] Split Directory Mode Crashes   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Oct 23,2019 at 20:08
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.189 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

This build is certainly better than .188, but I'm afraid it still crashes.

Since the number of files appears to influence how quickly the crash occurs, here is my test case:

Directory has 1,971 files and 6 unlogged subdirectories. (Changing the sort order does not matter.)

Same sequence as before:

F8 Split
sWitch current (left) side to Dir-mode
Enter the File Window
Tab to right side
Enter the File Window
Tab back to the left side

But now it does not immediately crash, and the current directory pointer on the Dir-Mode side stays on the top directory (or on whatever directory I may later select.)

Instead it now consistently takes exactly 3 Tabs to the left side and back to the right. On the 3rd Tab to the right side it crashes. Note this is different from before since it's now consistently crashing Tabbing to the right File-Mode side instead of the Dir-Mode side.

The crash occurs whether or not I move the highlight to a different file or directory.

If I do some other activity in ZTree after starting a new session it may take up to 6 Tabs back and forth before crashing. It seems to crash sooner after starting a new session. But it always crashes Tabbing to the right File-Mode side.

If I reverse the sequence so the File-Mode is on the left side and Dir-Mode on the right, it never crashes. As soon as I reverse it again so the File-Mode is on the right, it will crash after several Tabs back and forth. So it seems to only crash when the File-Mode is on the right side.

However, there is an important exception to this: If I do a Shift-F8 Swap, then only the File-Mode File Window on the left side will crash. If I then change the swapped left side to Dir-Mode, and the right side to File-Mode, it will no longer crash. So it appears that the second side that was logged is the side that crashes, even if it's swapped to the left side. For this reason I'll now refer to the 1st and 2nd logged side, rather than left and right side.

It will also crash with CO-1U = No, then refreshing the 2nd side File-Mode with F3. If I press F3 after each Tab to the 1st and 2nd sides, it will crash on the F3 refresh while in the 2nd side File-Mode File Window. Again, if the File-Mode is on the 1st side and Dir-Mode on the 2nd side, F3 will not cause a crash.

It will also crash with the two sides in different directories. In fact it will crash even if the 1st side is in the Tree Window instead of the File Window, and even if it's on a different drive with no files or directories logged. As long as the 1st side is in Dir-Mode and the 2nd side in a File-Mode File Window with a large list of files, it will crash.

So to summarize:
1. 1st logged side must be in Directory Mode
2. 1st logged side can be in same or different directory
3. 1st logged side can be in Tree Window or File Window
4. 1st logged side does not need to have any files or directories logged
5. 2nd logged side must be in File-Mode
6. 2nd logged side must be in File Window
7. 2nd logged side must have a large number of files
8. Crash always occurs when refreshing the 2nd logged side File Mode File Window.

- John

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