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Split DirMode Crashes - memory/ heap issue?   [Zeta]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Oct 24,2019 at 06:52
In Response to: [Bug] Split Directory Mode Crashes (John Gruener)

> 7. 2nd logged side must have a large number of files
> 8. Crash always occurs when refreshing the 2nd logged side File Mode File Window.

just lost my posting text before posting :-(   here new short form:

I did a test by starting ZTW64.exe nearly virgin (CO-1U=Current only)
in a CMD box standing on a directory with 1278 files.
I kept the first file highlighted. At the DirMode side I stood in Tree Window.
I noticed that ...
- in a newly opened CMD box, ZTree always crashed after 8 (eight) TAB pairs,
- reusing the CMD box and relaunched ZTree, it always crashed on the 2nd TAB pair.

Perhaps it is an issue of memory/heap leaks in the command interpreter / conhost instance ZTree runs in.



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