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[OT] Can anyone recommend an Android file manager vaguely like ZTree?   [OT]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Oct 27,2019 at 02:11

I have visited friends today whose Android 6 Samsung phones are full. They have SD cards in them but AFAIK A6 doesn't allow you to merge internal and external memory like later versions can.

SDIIIMgr only found half a dozens apps among hundreds that could be moved to SD card.

Their photo and video apps don't have an option to save to SD card so there are many GB of these.

They also receive numerous (5000+) photos and videos of grandchildren via Whatsapp and other chat apps that go into internal storage that they don't want to delete.

I can't upload to Google Photos because they can't remember Gmail passwords. If I reset I would have to change on phones, tablets and PCs in house and at holiday house 400km away. There is no way they could do it themselves.

All the Android file manager apps I have tried deal in file type categories, eg photos, not files in a folder so it picks up all photos in all folders both in internal and SD storage.

Not all apps have Move option. Some that do, require special folder permissions but when I follow procedure given, option isn't avail on a Samsung.

Some that do allow Move then say files already exist on SD card and don't give Skip option.

Can someone please suggest an Android file manager that will allow me to see every file in every folder, with total size in folder and subfolders would be nice, but not essential, and then let me move selected files to selected folder on SD card?

Andrew Watson


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