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Another vote for X-plore   [OT]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Oct 28,2019 at 04:01
In Response to: [OT] Not really, but . . . (Chester Kemp)

> I found that the X-plore File Manager was quite capable. Does handle items as
> "files".

That, and it supports LAN shares, FTP servers, a host of cloud drive services, reading from and writing to archives (and even databases) as folders, and a lot more. SSH and SFTP is also possible, but that requires payment (although not much, IIRC).

It has a 'disk space usage' module built in, which shows you the relative storage usage of all folders (or a selected branch), which makes it fairly easy to see what's consuming the most storage space.

It can copy and move selected files and/or branches, and will ask for a choice (overwrite, skip, and if that choice should be made for the same problem for all subsequent files) if a file already exists on the target. The copy operation can be moved to the background, so further exploration can be done in the meantime — though it won't be possible to copy or move another file inside the app while the background process takes place.

And it also has a recursive file search.

> I have not had any problem putting photos on an SD card, and most
> "Gallery" apps handle them without problem. However, have not password
> protected photos, so can't be sure of your specific scenario.

Same here.



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