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Archive processing in Unicode - more info   [Zeta]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Oct 30,2019 at 10:13
In Response to: [Bug?] Archive processing in Unicode -> incompatible output (Hartmut Schneider)

> I'll post two more observations in the next posting...

both UTF16 modes (LE, BE) are present in one file.
You see it best if you view the ZTW.$$$ interim file in the #ZTTemp directory.
Keep the Viewer open, or else it disappears.

If you view it with another ZTree instance's Viewer and toggle through the [C]harset modes,
you first get UTF-16BE with the first part unreadable,
then ANSI, OEM, UTF-8, all unreadable,
then UTF-16LE with the last part unreadable.

Since we have a slow network currently, I noticed that after pressing [V]iew,
ZTree's window title displayed the launched command while processing. It is
CMD.EXE /U /C D:\Programme\ZTree\TestArchiverEcho.bat "< zipfile >" >...\ZTMP00x\ZTW.$$$
(you can end the batch with a PAUSE to freeze this processing stage)

# Until version 2.4.175, the launched command is
D:\Programme\ZTree\TestArchiverEcho.bat "< zipfile >" >...\ZTMP00x\ZTW.$$$
So perhaps the new habit to launch CMD.exe in Unicode mode /U, which forces Unicode echoes and typing, causes the mixed Unicode output.

# The ARCHIVER.BB_ (2016-09) Line 1039 says:
; The [WIDE] and [UNICODE] switches cause ZTreeWin to write the files in the
; list in UTF-16 and UTF-8 format respectively.

Did not get these switches to work yet, but they may be part of the solution if they are obeyed, and perhaps extended by [ANSI].


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