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[Q] Mountvol problem   [Q]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Nov 01,2019 at 01:24

I have about 30 external drives with data in many categories scattered across them, such as:

* Photos
* Movies
* Music
* eBooks

All the usual suspects.

I have decided to get organised; particularly the photos which I want to consolidate into a single drive (which I will then duplicate as a backup).

I have tried to do this previously but because it takes so long to copy GB of files from one drive to another I lose track of where I am up to / lose interest and all I achieve is I create another drive with a partial copy of the photos.

I have posted previously how I created a single ZLOG file for all drives:

* Insert USB drive
* It mounts as say D:
* Use the SUBST command to mount the root of D: to the next available drive letter


* Log E:
* Repeat until all external drives have been logged using a different SUBSTed drive letter for each USB drive.
* Create a ZLOG file with all drives

Unfortunately, I ran out of drive letters before I ran out of drives. In my original post I explained how you could use the MOUNTVOL command to mount a drive letter, say D: to a folder, say C:\USBDrives\Drive01.


I posted this in 2014 when I would have been using Win 8.

Win 8 - October 26 2012
Win 10 - 29 July 2015

Presumably, I had it working then but I cannot get it to work now under Win 10. If someone knows how to get it to work please let me know what I am doing wrong.


This doesn't work from a Run as administrator Command prompt or a Windows Powershell (Admin) prompt:


gives the following for the USB drive in E:

Possible values for VolumeName along with current mount points are:


mountvol C:\Users\Andrew\Downloads\Drive01 \\?\Volume{75a8f926-fc36-11e9-9940-0c54156b7e79}\

Nor does Visual MOUNTVOL Drive to Folder:


Any help would be appreciated.

Andrew Watson


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