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[Q] Print, Catalog of Tagged Dirs   [Q]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Nov 01,2019 at 02:40
In Response to: [Q] Mountvol problem (Andrew Watson)

I have all of my drives logged to two ZLOG files. I had to create a second file for my newer drives because I couldn't get MOUNTVOL to work and I had reached drive Z: when I created the first ZLOG in 2014.

As I said in the first post when I try and consolidate the photos I invariably lose track of where I am up to. I know I could write a note on a piece of paper and refer to it when I return to the task next day or next week.

However, that's too simple. What's the fun in having a computer if you don't take hours thinking, experimenting and coding to get a perfect solution even if the pen and paper solution would only take a few minutes?

This is how I am going to generate the required list:

* Load ZLOG file.
* sWitch to directory view
* Tag the uppermost directories that have subdirectories with photos in them on each drive.
* Global
* Print, Catalog of tagged dirs

BUG - When you choose Catalog of tagged dirs the next screen says Catalog of tagged files.

* Line/page (0) - so you don't get a header block on each page
* Print to: TAB to Clip:
* Open Excel and Paste list.
* Flag or highlight each directory when copy has been completed.

I will programmatically generate batch files to XCOPY all the uppermost directories on each drive to the new photos only drive.

Andrew Watson


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