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[Q] Mountvol problem   [Q]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Nov 01,2019 at 03:10
In Response to: [Q] Mountvol problem (Ben Kent)

> I did have a look at Disk Management, change drive letters and Paths,
> but the "Mount in the following empty NTFS folder, Change" is greyed
> out. Maybe that is related to mountvol no longer working for you.
> Ben

I can get it to work via File Explorer, This PC, Right click, Manage, Storage, Disk Management, Right click on drive, Change drive letter and paths.

Initially I had "Mount in the following empty NTFS folder" greyed out but I found the answer at the link below.

The trick is to use Add, not Change.


This proves that it's not a Win Home / Pro issue though I will check on my Win Pro machine whether i can do it from a command prompt.

Andrew Watson


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