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[OT] typos on android vs iphone   [OT]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Nov 07,2019 at 17:25
In Response to: [OT] Can anyone recommend an Android file manager vaguely like ZTree? (Laurent Duchastel)

> Weird, many typos appeared in my post ?
> Three possible explanations : Chrome glitches, weak batteries on my
> wireless keyboard or Alzheimer. Or mix of some of them :-)

Hi Laurent

I use an android phone (S7) for personal use) but am issued with an iphone (Iphone6) for work.

As a friend first pointed out to me and I have found myself, hitting the keyboard on my iphone gives me far fewer typos than when using the android (samsung) keyboard on my android, even though the keyboards are the same size.

The typos are always the letter which is beside the letter I intended.

I do have a rather flat tip to my index finger which I use for typing ( many years of playing guitar maybe) but I do believe the iphone keyboard is a lot smarter. Not sure why that is so though

Anyone have the same experience of iphone vs Samsung?

Vey unadventurously, I use the samsung App "My Files" though have looked at a few 3rd party alternatives without being inspired.

But hey a ztw type app on Android would be great... maybe allow me to understand where things are stored a lot easier. I agree with Slobodan, how Android manages files is rather mysterious. :-)


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