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[OT] typos on android vs iphone   [OT]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Nov 08,2019 at 13:23
In Response to: [OT] typos on android vs iphone (Laurent Duchastel)

> Using Gboard on Android. No experience on iPhone, so I can't
> compare, but I don't think there is much difference.

I use it on the iPad, but there are more features on Android. For
example, the iOS version allows only three languages at a time that
you can cycle through by hitting the globe button. I regularly
use four on my Android devices, so it's very annoying (like most,
minimalist, Apple stuff).

In fact, the iPad is a fantastic device for two reasons: the battery
life is amazing, compared to my remaining 4 Android tablets, which are
slowly gathering dust. (I used to have 3 HP TouchPads, the last
one is about to die, but the hardware was excellent while it lasted.)

The second reason is that all of the Google apps that I need
exist on iOS (Keep, Drive, Photos, Sheets, Docs, Gmail,
Home, Translate, Maps, Earth, Calendar, YouTube...).
Other than Settings, I don't think I use a single Apple app!

> With Gboard, one option I like is the personal dictionary in which I
> can add custom shortcuts and phrases to speed up typing significantly.

> Does it exists with iPhone?
I suppose so, since it works on the iPad, and I use it. After all, I'm
an AutoHotkey nerd who likes to automate things. Not automating
your text input on mobile devices' tiny screens and keyboards is


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