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[OT] typos on android vs iphone - wot no Swype   [OT]

By: Chester Kemp       
Date: Nov 08,2019 at 19:14
In Response to: [OT] typos on android vs iphone (Laurent Duchastel)

> >
> > As a friend first pointed out to me and I have found myself, hitting
> > the keyboard on my iphone gives me far fewer typos than when using
> the
> > android (samsung) keyboard on my android, even though the keyboards
> are
> > the same size.
> > The typos are always the letter which is beside the letter I
> intended.
> >
> Using Gboard on Android.
> It is pretty smart as it suggests the correct word *despite* precisely
> having typed the wrong letter beside (I have large fingertips too)
> I however disabled autocorrect, which happens to be otherwise the major
> source of "typos" for me (sending incorrect words thinking I made a
> mistake).
> No experience on iPhone, so I can't compare, but I don't think there
> is much difference.
> With Gboard, one option I like is the personal dictionary in which I
> can add custom shortcuts and phrases to speed up typing significantly.
> Does it exists with iPhone?


Prior to Laurent's note, I was going to contribute to say that I didn't like the often recommended SwiftKey keyboard used on my new Samsung tablet and also my new Huawei phone. The need to go back over text typed on SwiftKey was too frequent to be helpful. So - I used and was happy with Swype.

Alas, on looking into the Laurent's recommendation, I found that Swype had its support taken away early last year! I needed to move on.

I was delighted to try GBoard, and found its behaviour excellent. I mostly use the joined-up typing (where you place your finger on the first letter and then drag it past the other letters in the word). GBoard calls this feature "glide", but each keyboard app uses their own name for the function. GBoard seems accurate on single key typing, and particularly intuitive and accurate on "gliding".

Thanks for the tip Laurent - I'm already a fan!!



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