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[OT] typos on android vs iphone - wot no Swype   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Nov 09,2019 at 14:16
In Response to: [OT] typos on android vs iphone - wot no Swype (Chester Kemp)

> Prior to Laurent's note, I was going to contribute to say that I
> didn't like the often recommended SwiftKey keyboard used on my new
> Samsung tablet and also my new Huawei phone. The need to go back over
> text typed on SwiftKey was too frequent to be helpful. So - I
> used and was happy with Swype.
> Alas, on looking into the Laurent's recommendation, I found that Swype
> had its support taken away early last year! I needed to move on.
> I was delighted to try GBoard, and found its behaviour
> excellent. I mostly use the joined-up typing (where you place your
> finger on the first letter and then drag it past the other letters in the
> word). GBoard calls this feature "glide", but each keyboard app uses
> their own name for the function. GBoard seems accurate on single key
> typing, and particularly intuitive and accurate on "gliding".
> Thanks for the tip Laurent - I'm already a fan!!

I am happy that your happy :-)

Funny, the first thing I disable on a new install, is precisely Gboard glide!

As I often say: "De coloribus et gustibus non disputandum !"

Laurent Duchastel


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