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[Q] Picasa alternative?   [Q]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Nov 12,2019 at 13:03
In Response to: [Q] Mountvol problem (Andrew Watson)

> I have decided to get organised; particularly the photos which I want
> to consolidate into a single drive (which I will then duplicate as a
> backup).

Many years back I used Picasa to organize all of my photos. I loved it. It had the ability to scan all of your drives and then catalog your photos in one place, and had the added benefit of facial recognition.

Google killed Picasa. AFAIK Picasa was all on the local machine, even the facial recognition logic. So they killed it because it made it hard for them to steal your data. At least that's my theory, and based on what that company has morphed into... it's a pretty good theory.

I have been searching for an alternative that would do the following.

1) Provide a UI where I can view/catalog/search all of my photos, regardless of where they are on my various hard drives.
2) Facial recognition.
3) Put/send NOTHING on/to the cloud.
4) Once photos are properly tagged and catalogued, have an option to copy them from their various locations to a central drive and name them properly based on tags. I would leave them in their original locations and names, but this new location would be my eventual repository.

For something like that I'd be willing to pay a nice price.

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