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[Discuss] Searching *.docx   [Discuss]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Nov 12,2019 at 17:05
In Response to: [Discuss] Searching *.docx (Laurent Duchastel)

> > Copernic Desktop Search - current version is
> >
> > https://www.copernic.com/en/products/ (available in French, too).
> Copernic being initially a Quebec-based company, I should be blatantly
> in favour of it (as I am perhpas the only Quebec-based ZTree user in the
> forum :-) )
> Yet, this seems so AltaVisa era in my mind ! :-)
> (Frankly, didn't try since 1999)
> And doesn't look so "up-to-the-edge technology" today.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copernic
> Do you recommend it because you use it?
> What it does that other indexer can't?
> I am still opened to experiment any indexing solution in order to
> select the best one around ;-)

I have used CDS since v3.x. I stopped using v7.x late last year on my previous machine (a Lenovo T430, i5-x64 Centrino running Win7 Enterprise SP1 fully patched with 16 GB RAM), as the machine couldn't keep up with all of the programs I had running on it, and CDS can be disk-intensive. Finally, a couple of months ago, the motherboard's disk controller failed and the system completely bricked. I now have a brand-new Lenovo P52 with a six-core i7 running Win10 Pro 64-bit v1903 fully patched, also w 16 GB RAM. I'm now willing to give CDS another shot, because of a new and improved machine.

However, the primary reason I'm considering reloading it, and the reason you should too, is that I found it to be an excellent content-indexer, particularly of MSO applications; even better than Windows Search. It runs parallel to Windows Search.

Maybe give it a trial before you buy?

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