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Are you logging junctions? (nomsg)   [Discuss]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Nov 18,2019 at 19:00
In Response to: Are you logging junctions? (nomsg) (Bill Kingsbury)

> > Are you logging junctions? (nomsg)
> No, not logging junctions... This is the logging, starting at G:\ ...
> "Unlogged branches only" -- and "F5 Skip junctions (yes)"
> When I created a "TEST_FILE_001.TXT", the Logged files increased by
> one, to 67,449.
> Another oddity: When I analyze drive G: using PerfectDisk (without
> doing any defragging), it shows a total of only 43,840 files.
> In any case, drive G: holds only a new install of Windows 7 Ultimate
> x64, that does not run due to "Windows Boot Loader" issues.
> Bill K

> "Unlogged branches only" -- and "F5 Skip junctions (yes)"
Maybe the previous log included junctions, that's what the PerfectDisk and Logged files greater than Used space, tells me.
Have you tried this
Highlight G:\ in the directory window
Alt-Log, F5 Skip junctions=yes, Branch

Capacity=Available+Used space
So those numbers make sense

Having some compressed files on a windows install is normal, do the following to see them
Showall, Alt-Tag, Attributes, +c

Also check for any sparse files
Showall, Alt-Tag, Attributes, +p

Also it's normal for there to be a number of hardlinks (files that have more than 1 directory entry that points to them) on a windows install, with a lot with one link under c:\Windows\WinSxS.
ZTree reports the link count in Alt-Info, but I don't think its logged.
Some info on how to find them at https://superuser.com/questions/366739/how-can-i-find-hard-links-on-windows
The find tool in the "SFUA utility toolkit" looks like the easiest way to find them all, do a web search to find the latest one, as the link on superuser.com is broken, I don't know what the dependencies of that toolkit are.



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