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[Help!] rename and last access date   [Help!]

By: John Miyamoto       
Date: Nov 20,2019 at 17:32

When I am reorganizing my files, I often use ZTree 2.4 to rename files. The ZTree Rename function leaves the last access date of a file unchanged when the file name is changed. Is there any way to change the default behavior of the Rename function so that it resets the last access date to the current date & time when it is used to change the file name?
I realize that I could accomplish what I want by using the New Date function either before or after using the Rename function, or I could write a ZTree macro that combines these actions, but what would be simpler for me is to make the date & time change part of the default behavior of the Rename function. I also realize that renaming a file is not the same as accessing the contents of a file, so that I am asking to do something that distorts the meaning of "last access."


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