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Editing history items while in ZTree   [Discuss]

By: Art Kocsis     So Calif  
Date: Nov 25,2019 at 02:51
In Response to: Editing history items while in ZTree (John Gruener)

> > > You can actually do this while in ZTree. After editing the
> > > ZTW.HST file bring up any history item and press F4 Load
> > > ZTW.HST (it's on the menu). It will prompt for confirmation
> > > that you want to load it from disk.
> >
> > Of course, you are absolutely right! :-)
> > The reason why I overlooked the F4 way is because I have typically
> > 3 to 5 opened instances of ZTree opened at the same time, and over
> > the years, I just got used to close all of them to avoid overwriting
> > a freshly ztw.hst by the wrong instance. :-)
> Good point indeed! If doing this you need to be sure you are running
> the only instance, or risk overwriting all your changes by closing
> another instance after this one.

Not necessarily. I too usually have multiple instances of ZTree running.
Since I only reboot after a month or two, they each accumulate unique
histories that I want to keep and to make mutually accessible among the
multiple instances. It is actually fairly easy to do.

Go to each ZTree instance and save an image of its history (\, up, F3)

Navigate to the saved ZTree history file and rename it to a unique name.

Merge all of these history files into one using your favorite text
editor (I use Notetab, free version available) and sort the merged
text. Delete all but one of the last lines (zt=0nnnnnnn....)

Perform any other edits or cleanup as desired.

Save the merged and edited file as ZTW.hst in its proper folder.

Go back to each ZTree instance and load the merged history file
(\, up, F4, Yes)

Namaste', Art

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