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Thanks for /M (more)   [Zeta]

By: Liviu       
Date: Dec 03,2019 at 02:44
In Response to: /M ? (Kim Henkel)

> Is this a real use case - ie. you want QuickEdit when launched from this shortcut

Right, and yes, that is my 100% real use case.

For context, I never use or used the mouse in ZTree, and always had all shortcuts pointing to ZTW[64].EXE set to QuickEdit. It took me a long look this time around to figure that QuickEdit didn't work, and an accidental double-click on a background ZTree window caused actual navigation (and sheer panic ;-)).

> I had decided to try disabling QuickEdit in code, when mouse was enabled (missing /M switch)

Thank you for the /M pointer. Forgot it existed, or maybe never knew. Anyway, that solves it for me.

> since my #1 support issue continues to be "the mouse doesn't work!".
> If I could figure out how to create a shortcut with QuickEdit disabled, I'd be happy to do that!

Makes sense. As for the shortcut, I noticed that newly created shortcuts to console apps appear to use the QuickEdit value from HKCU\Console. So for a possible hack, the setup could try to temporarily overwrite that value to 0, create the shortcut, then restore the original value in the registry. Obligatory disclaimer: don't know that it works, and setups are not my cup of tea, so I don't know what would be the better/right way to do it.


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