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Disabling QuickEdit Mode   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Dec 04,2019 at 17:11
In Response to: /M ? (Kim Henkel)

> > Starting ZTW[64].EXE from a shortcut having Options / Quick Edit
> > checked appears to ignore the setting and enables mouse navigation,
> > instead.

> Is this a real use case - ie. you want QuickEdit when launched from
> this shortcut and not to use mouse IN ZTree?

I'm as surprised as you that anyone would prefer QuickEdit over mouse functions. Kudos to Liviu and others for strict usage of the keyboard! ;-)

> I had decided to try disabling QuickEdit in code, when mouse was
> enabled (missing /M switch), since my #1 support issue continues to be
> "the mouse doesn't work!".

Makes sense then to disable QuickEdit unless /M is used. No telling how many potential new users were turned off when they discovered the mouse didn't work.

Too late for .192, but I suggest adding a line like the following to the next BETA.TXT:

  • Change- Shortcut QuickEdit disabled if /M command-line option not used

    Also, Help file section 3.11 should be revised.
    Suggest replacing the second paragraph "In order to use..." with:

    The Windows shortcut QuickEdit Mode is automatically disabled unless the
    /M command-line option is specified.

    Then delete the fourth paragraph "If you do not wish to use..."

    And in section 3.12, replace paragraph "If you intend to use..." with:

    If you intend to use the Windows shortcut QuickEdit Mode instead of normal
    mouse functions, you must specify the /M command-line option.

    - John
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