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By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Dec 05,2019 at 14:25
In Response to: [Discuss] Start with advert (Geoff Cutter)

> An option to be commented on by those who know more than I do:
> 1. Free Ztree (aids popularity) for Windows 10 (shows usefulness).
> 2. May have an ad (generating income) at the start which can be
> cancelled any time. There is probably an ad company to supply ads. Search
> engines are in a position to supply targeted ads since they know what
> your interests are.
> 3. Ad-free Ztree available to buy.
> 4. Lessons (demonstrations) on Youtube.

I didn't understand you were addressing ZTree promotion. Sorry.

For the business model itself, Kim is the only one to take decisions. This said, I am pretty sure an ad model would both very remote to ZedTek philosophy and ZTree single-exe compact and console-only design (ads would require ZTree to access to the internet).

The actual trial period gives a fair period of time to experiment, but I believe it could be extended to 90 days or even indefinitely with some polite random reminders to register, without hindering any sales. Some niche sharewares do that (PhraseExpress, WinRar, etc.). I don't have figures of Zedtek annual sales, but I believe ZTree could even be offered free of charge and be supported by a donation-only business model without much difference (sorry Kim if I am wrong). In fact, ZTree is such a niche product that it has been years it has its own uptodate crack, patch or serial in Torrent search engine and Usenet repositories :-).

IMHO, the real issue is not income from the product, but means to more efficient ZTree apostleship. The hard true is that ZTree is hard to promote nowadays, even with our close colleagues, friends and relatives! This is highly paradoxical as ZTree is an essential daily and very powerful utility for all members to this community.

Tutorial videos have been discussed, some even posted, but video isn't the best medium to demonstrate a keystroke-only utility.

Creating a website showcase of uses and features has also been suggested. It is still a good idea, but it requires time to write and illustrate that none of us really found up to now. If you are willing, pease do! All members of the community would appreciate. :-)

What about a Facebook community-based offensive to promote ZTree?

Laurent Duchastel

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