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By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Dec 05,2019 at 21:53
In Response to: [Discuss] Start with advert (Laurent Duchastel)

> IMHO, the real issue is not income from the product, but means to more
> efficient ZTree apostleship. The hard true is that ZTree is hard to
> promote nowadays, even with our close colleagues, friends and relatives!
> This is highly paradoxical as ZTree is an essential daily and very
> powerful utility for all members to this community.

IMNSHO, the real issue for Ztree is the fundamental platform integrity to console mode, or as the rest of the world calls it, "DOS mode". People won't even bother to try out the program. We are the only true apostles of ZTree; it is indeed "an essential daily and very powerful utility" for at least this member. It is absolutely fundamental to the way I work.

The real question to Kim, if he's lurking, is whether it would be worth trying to port ZTree to a native Windows 10 app with a true GUI. I know; we all remember what a PoC Xtree for Windows was. But, the fact that ZTree is console-mode based and not a true Windows GUI makes it impossible for me to be taken seriously and get anyone to try it.

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