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/M ?   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Dec 05,2019 at 17:11
In Response to: /M ? (Kim Henkel)

> > Starting ZTW[64].EXE from a shortcut having Options / Quick Edit
> > checked appears to ignore the setting and enables mouse navigation,
> > instead.
> Is this a real use case - ie. you want QuickEdit when launched from
> this shortcut and not to use mouse IN ZTree?
> I had decided to try disabling QuickEdit in code, when mouse was
> enabled (missing /M switch), since my #1 support issue continues to be
> "the mouse doesn't work!".
> If I could figure out how to create a shortcut with QuickEdit disabled,
> I'd be happy to do that!


My use case is quickedit enabled, I only use the mouse in console apps including ZTree to copy/paste text.

Adding /M gets me working how I like again.
Considering you say your biggest support issue is "the mouse doesn't work", then us people who like quickedit will have to use /M.

I support John's help file and beta.txt updates.

Maybe you should add a hint on the "[Zeta] v%Version% Now Available! [Zeta]" posts, something like.

IMPORTANT: Starting with build 2.4.192, quickedit will be disabled unless the /M (Disable mouse support) command line switch is used.

Does this mean that ZTree will enable quickedit if /M is used?



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