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[Bug? or Feature?] Double right click on files   [Zeta]

By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Dec 10,2019 at 12:58
In Response to: [Bug] Double right click on files (John Gruener)

> A double-right-click on any file that has not yet had its context
> menu displayed results in displaying the context menu rather than opening
> the viewer.
> Once the context menu has been displayed with either a single or
> double-right-click, another double-right-click on that same file will
> correctly open the viewer. However, if the mouse is subsequently used to
> display the context menu on any other file or directory, then the context
> menu will again be displayed for that file on the first
> right-double-click.
> - John

I think resetting the click state after right clicking a new file or directory makes sense. Otherwise the number of click-states could grow without bounds. Besides, in a long session the user will probably not remember exactly which files have been right-clicked, and so will be unsure of the behaviour to expect.



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