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Bought File Locator Pro - Very happy!   [Discuss]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Dec 12,2019 at 11:20
In Response to: Google Drive (Peter Shute)

> > But for future needs, I would like to enhance the process. What
> > would you therefore recommend for powerful content search on local
> > PC? (Hopefully, a free or an affordable solution).
> >
> > Back in 2014, Mathias suggested FilelocatorPro. What about now ?
> I still use FileLocator Pro, but I just tested Google Drive and it was
> able to find keywords inside docx files, so that's an option too if
> you're happy to upload them all.

I have the same feature with MS OneDrive, which I use.

* * *

But the good news is that I tried FileLocator Pro and like it so much that I BOUGHT a licence!! It's fast, easy, flexible and powerful. Licenced version can be installed on 3 computers.
*** Thanks for the tip! ***

I especially like the index feature, which once shared through OneDrive, allows me to search on my laptop for files that are not there :-)

This changes the whole shebang of my work setup for the better good!

You see, my laptop is used mostly for work while my home desktop is rather a huge repository of all archives and collected data over the years. I used to keep a gazillions files on my laptop "just-in-case" I needed them fast or had to search within them while I am at the office. While all these files are actually on OneDrive and synced with my home desktop, searches can only be done with ZTree if files are synced locally.

But now, thanks to File Locator Pro's shared indexes, I can perform content searches for files that are not on my laptop or even on OneDrive! This is very very useful for me.

File Locator Pro also indexes zip, rar, pdf and and Outlook messages (and even *.pst files that are on my home desktop while I search on my laptop).

(Three frequent searches I do are the following: 1) when and in which course did I teach that former student who just contacted me 2) do I have an article, PowerPoint, book, etc. on a given subject, 3) where is that damn mail/attachement/file that I know it exists)

I started removing my laptop from of old content, while keeping the ability to find what I want.

Thanks again for that great productivity tip

> If this is about detecting plagiarism, aren't there programs designed
> just for that? I thought I had heard of programs that can detect slight
> changes where people have tried to rewrite other people's work.

Most plagiarism tools are online and compare a document with common Internet content. They work okay, but I had better results with Google in the past using wisely crafted keywords.

This said, most assignments I have to occasionally compare are case analysis written in French which are not on the web, but in my computer. You see, I've been teaching over 20,000 students over the years and kept most of their assignments. I don't give the same case to analysis every year and change also the questions. But as we are a small group of teachers working with the same material in different classes, we can occasionally suspect students that may have reused an old case analysis from one of my former students. Fortunately it happened only once in the last decade. :-)

Laurent Duchastel

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