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powershell and the application menu   [Help!]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Dec 21,2019 at 15:51
In Response to: powershell and the application menu (Ben Kent)

> But having a new Directive that tells ZTree to use powershell instead
> of cmd would be good.
> i.e. something like
> ----
> # #ZTPowershell
> Get-ChildItem %1
> ----

Personally, at this stage, I'm too lazy to learn PS. Classic batch
and AutoHotkey satisfy all my needs, I'm just a home user with no admin
tasks to speak of. But I'm for any enhancement that could increase the
user base.

PS has been open-sourced and ported to MacOS and Linux, so it makes a lot
of sense for admins to deploy it across all platforms. But bash is also
everywhere, there are too many options, I don't envy sysadmins.

Now, if ZTreeWin gets ported to MacOS and Linux, it may be worth converting
F9 scripts to PS and making it its official scripting language :-)

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