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[Bug?] Alt-F5 shows wrong date when file is from 2020   [Zeta]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jan 07,2020 at 04:07
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.194 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

I use 7-zip v18 to list and unpack .zip and .7z files.
This year named 2020 seems to have something special :)

- Tag a file from this year, and an older one for reference.
- Ctrl-F5 them as .7z archive ( and as .zip for reference ).
- Use Alt-F5 to open them in ZTree.
Here ZTree interprets the .zip archive's file as from 2020-01-06 (correct),
but the .7z archive's file as from 2006-01-20 - which I consider wrong.

Same behavior when I create the archives via 7zfm GUI.

When I [V]iew the archives (CO-5 D 'Display archive list output' contains View),
the new file's date is displayed correctly !
No wonder, as it echoes the '7z l' output, which is correct as well.

CO-1K 'Date format' is not relevant, even when set to yyyy-mm-dd.

Starting this year, the two-digit year and the 4-digit year are quite similar.
Perhaps ZTree does interpret the 7z output in a way which cannot cope with year 2020 ?

The Archiver.BB2 entries for .zip and .7z are nearly identical:

1:7-Zip 9.20 for .ZIP [LFNU NAP]                                                21:7-Zip 9.20 for 7z  Non-Solid [LFNU NAP]                                    
ZIP 7z
0 0
7z.exe l 7z.exe l -sccUTF-8
7z.exe e -y 7z.exe e -y
7z.exe x -y 7z.exe x -y

7z.exe a -tZip -stl @list 7z.exe a -ms=off -stl @list
7z.exe a -tZip -stl @list 7z.exe a -ms=off -stl @list

7z.exe d @list 7z.exe d @list
PK\x3\x4 7z\xbc\xaf\x27\x1c
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------ ------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------
------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------ ------------------- ----- ------------ ------------ ------------------------
2 2
3 3
0 0
1 1
4 4
;----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Can anyone confirm this behavior?

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