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Something to investigate   [Bug]

By: Darren       
Date: Jan 19,2020 at 17:38
In Response to: Something to investigate (Peter Shute)

> I had a quick go at replicating, and couldn't. I just did Alt+Zlog
> Save&Resume a few times, then loaded the zlog file.

I save my zlog a few times a day when things are busy, and it might take a few days or even weeks of this before I see the corruption.

I've seen posts here over the years that talk about this same basic issue, and like me, others have taken to saving multiple backup copies of their zlog files, to give some way to recover from this.

> I'm wondering if you have a particular folder with some non ASCII
> characters in it, and it's having trouble saving the name correctly.

Not unless C:\Apps\ZTW\ is an issue, haha, but I can see how that could cause an issue if it did have those characters.

> ... I think it would be worth reporting in the thread for the
> v2.4.194 announcement. Kim's more likely to see it there.

Thanks, I think I'll do that.


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