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[Bug] zlog corruption (and a workaround?)   [Bug]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Jan 22,2020 at 17:44
In Response to: [Bug] zlog corruption (and a workaround?) (Darren)

> > ... to see if you loaded a corrupt ZLog is to search for a pattern
> like
> > *a*b*.* and if you loaded a corrupt one it will immediately crash...
> Hey, I just tried that and ZTree does crash, if I'd loaded a corrupt
> zlog. In my case the corrupt zlog files always take longer to load, so I
> know there's a problem before I start using ZTree.

The issue is making sure you saved a ZLog you can use... hence I always test ZLogs as, sometimes (it seems to come in groups) I get a lot that are corrupt and I'd lose all my logged dirs (plus I can't just log all the drives as there are just too many files)...


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