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[Bug] zlog corruption (and a workaround?)   [Bug]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Jan 23,2020 at 12:08
In Response to: [Bug] zlog corruption (and a workaround?) (Darren)

> > The issue is making sure you saved a ZLog you can use...
> True, that. I often run the same instance of ZTree for days, or
> sometimes weeks, and all the while saving zlogs. At some point in that
> time the most current saved zlog will become corrupt, and all future ones
> as well, so I have to test each one right after I save it to make sure
> its okay.

Files in my ZTW directory...


I add a date to older good ones so a new dud one doesn't nuke it... plus keep a previous one in case I made a mistake (also an older one in case something odd happens). Note the bottom two are identical.
I also kept a dud one in case I want to try any possible solution...


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