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Need more info   [Bug]

By: Darren       
Date: Jan 24,2020 at 16:22
In Response to: Need more info (Kim Henkel)

> The end of the file contains 2 sets of saved paths, separated by the
> characters 'ZV' (0x5A 0x56). Can you confirm the corrupted path is in
> the first of these blocks?

The corruption I'm seeing is so far always in the 2nd set of paths -- the much bigger set of the two.

I'm seeing different kinds of corruption patterns:

If this were the string as it should be, stored in the zlog

sometimes the null is missing from a null/character pair (for standard latin stuff)

sometimes the character half of the pair is missing

and sometimes there are groups of 3 null/char pairs that are (mostly) replaced
with all nulls and starting with a line-feed (x0A -- represented below as ^)

There are a few paths that contain Asian characters in that same section. Those seem okay, as far as corruption goes, but its hard to tell. Not sure if having those is connected to the issue, but its worth mentioning. I see 8 out of about 60 strings in there that have corruption.

> Also can you check if the list shown with F11 matches what is saved in
> the file, and if you ever see such corruption in that popup list?

The F11 list matches what's in the related zlog section, and there is no corruption in it. I don't think I've ever seen corruption in the F11 list.

Is there a similar way for me to view the strings stored in that last section of the zlog? If so I could verify how they look within the ZTree gui. These particular file path strings all seem kinda old -- I recognize them, but haven't used most of them in a few months or more.

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