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[Bug] zlog corruption (and a workaround?)   [Bug]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Jan 25,2020 at 12:25
In Response to: [Bug] zlog corruption (and a workaround?) (Kim Henkel)

> > The thing that I'm noticing now is that the corruption might only
> be in the
> > history items, and not the file structure items, so unlogging
> couldn't release
> > the corrupted parts if that were the case.
> Exactly. The main logged structure had been very reliable for years
> until history list were appended in a new revision of the zlog file
> format.
> You mentioned the corruption was in the second set of save paths, which
> is not the F11 bookmark history, but actually a reference to a current
> file in each logged directory. The real puzzle now is why the unicode
> paths randomly not being serialized correctly...

I don't think this is the case, as I was able to release directories and save a "good" ZLog when I had previously been saving "dud" ones. What I wasn't able to do was tie it down to a particular directory (despite many hours of trying)...

I have found saving ZLogs (well, strictly loading them) very unreliable for a long time (see my previous reports in response to ZTree releases)...

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