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[Help!] Windows path length - can it be extended ??   [Help!]

By: Bob Selby       
Date: Feb 02,2020 at 14:36

I have a NAS server on my network and I use ZTWin to backup the files to a removeable USB drive.

I am running Win 7 on the laptop and the NAS is Linux based.

I have moved files from Win7 to the NAS with ZTW OK (and vice versa) and am able to access the files with windows apps OK

However, when I use ALT+M to mirror (with option Sync=OneWay) it complains about a "bad filename" ... trimming the directory path fixes the problem.

I assume this is down to the path length supported by ZTW - Is there any way to extend the path ???

Is it perhaps different for normal copying and ALT+M ???

Best regards

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