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[Help!] Windows path length - can it be extended ??   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Feb 10,2020 at 15:53
In Response to: [Help!] Windows path length - can it be extended ?? (Bob Selby)

Have you checked the longest path to make sure that is the problem? If it is, have you considered shortening it? When I come across paths that are too long, usually there's something unnecessary about them - eg grabbing an entire deeply nested branch and copying it into a deeply nested folder "for safekeeping", folder names that are the titles of web pages they were saved from, file names that are the subject lines of emails, etc.

It would be a pity to do something complicated for the sake of one silly file or folder name.

You can specify a filter like >f200 then use Showall to see all the files with a full path length >200, then Alt+I to view lengths of individual files. I just checked a drive here, and sure enough, the longest is a file with a 180 character name in a normal looking folder.

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