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[Bug] zlog corruption (a quck update)   [Bug]

By: Darren       
Date: Feb 15,2020 at 12:21
In Response to: [Bug] zlog corruption (and a workaround?) (Kim Henkel)

> You mentioned the corruption was in the second set of save paths...

I've been using the same zlog for 3 weeks now, after I'd manually removed that last history section from the file. It's been great! Not a single error or crash, which is so nice. It's been over a year since I've gone this long with the same zlog.

Btw, the paths in that last history section are building up in my current zlog, as they need to, and it seems that none of them so far contain any high characters.

Also, when I view that last section in the hex viewer, I notice that all of the zeroes (in the character byte pairs) line up in nice vertical columns, in my current good zlog. In all of my bad zlog files, the zeroes don't all line up -- they frequently alternate which column they're in -- which makes it easy to spot any corruption.

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