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[Help!] How to choose password switch for encrypted archive   [Help!]

By: Mike King       
Date: Feb 29,2020 at 00:58

I use ZTreeWin on two computers. Both have Windows 10 Pro.

On both computers, I use 7-zip for my compressed archive manager.

The work computer has 7-zip 9.20, installed as a portable app (I don't have admin rights on the computer, so I can't install through Windows installers).

The home computer has 7-zip 19.00 installed with the Windows installer. At one time, I used WinZip as my archive manager, but I grew tired of how much it took over the computer, so I changed my file associations to use 7-zip.

The ARCHIVER.BB2 file on both computers is updated to reflect the correct version of 7-zip on each computer.

On both computer, to create a zip archive of files, I tag those files, key Ctrl+F5, enter the file name, and if encryption is wanted, I hit "E".

On the work computer, the command string includes the proper

7z.exe a -p%s OutputFile.zip ...


On the home computer, I see

7z.exe a -s%s OutputFile.zip ...

How do I tell ZtreeWin to use -p%s instead of -s%s?

Oddly, if I tell the home computer to archive to a .7z file, the command string is correct:

7z.exe a -p%s OutputFile.7z ...

Thanks for any advice! ...cheers!


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