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May be a 7z vs. 7za bug   [Help!]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Feb 29,2020 at 15:11
In Response to: [Help!] How to choose password switch for encrypted archive (Mike King)

> On the work computer, the command string includes the proper
> 7z.exe a -p%s OutputFile.zip

Are you sure you're not using 7za.exe rather than 7z.exe on the work computer?

I see the same problem when using any version of 7z.exe, but when using 7za.exe ZTree generates the proper -p%s command-line switch.

Since there is no BB2 configuration for the encryption switch, ZTree must internally generate it depending on the program being executed, and in this case the file type (ZIP vs. 7Z).

So this appears to be a bug. 7z.exe should always generate -p%s for the password, regardless of the file type.

- John


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