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Need more info   [Bug]

By: Liviu       
Date: Mar 02,2020 at 03:19
In Response to: Need more info (Kim Henkel)

Don't know that it's related, but I'll leave this here maybe it helps in some way.

I had a .zlog just saved which fails to open with "Error: Invalid volumes file - cannot load". It is a big zlog (close to 3GB) but all files are logged on a single volume (B:\ which holds symlinks to other local and remote targets, all accessible).

> The end of the file contains 2 sets of saved paths, separated by the
> characters 'ZV' (0x5A 0x56). Can you confirm the corrupted path is in
> the first of these blocks?

My zlog ends with the following (where I notice a single-byte 0A right after ZVZV)...

AE028F20 00 00 00 00 00 0A 00 5A 56 5A 56 0A 2A 00 2E 00 ·······ZVZV·*·.·
AE028F30 2A 00 0A 00 0A 00 01 00 04 00 03 00 42 00 3A 00 *···········B·:·
64 more bytes here, which look like a valid UTF16-LE path plus "0A 00 00 00"
AE028F80 5A 56                                             ZV

Reading the other posts here, I tried and removed the 85 bytes between the ZVs so that the file ended with ZVZVZV, but it still gave the same error when trying to load. I then removed the trailing ZV pairs one by one, still no luck.

> Also can you check if the list shown with F11 matches what is saved in
> the file, and if you ever see such corruption in that popup list?

On a fresh run, an F11 right before loading the zlog shows just one directory (where the zlog is), on a drive which is not referenced anywhere in the zlog.



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