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[OT] Coronavirus-19 news?   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Mar 12,2020 at 16:39

There used to be discussion of OT things like this here, so I thought I'd start off. Here in Melbourne, Australia, it seems like the calm before the storm, and we don't know how big it'll be, or even if it'll happen. Seems like the world is starting to take it very seriously, with Italy locked down, and more following, and travel bans, etc.

There are a few cases in Australia now, and increasing. Tom Hanks has apparently caught it here in Queensland, which is making news.

The biggest effect has been on toilet paper supplies, and to a very much lesser extent, pasta, rice and tinned foods.

We have the Grand Prix here this weekend, and some medical people are saying it shouldn't go ahead, and encouraging people not to go, for fear it could accelerate the spread. At least one office building near where I work has been locked down because they had one(?) case there, and we keep hearing of schools closing until a child's test results are known. At work we are waiting on the results for one worker to see if we do the same. Unlikely, we're told, as they had symptoms but no known contact.


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