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i got the footage from CNBC   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Mar 13,2020 at 09:42
In Response to: i got the footage from CNBC (Ryan)

> at 4:35, he said somthing about 0.2~ 0.4%., and he said normal seasonal
> flu kills 25000~69000 americans a year. and i thought he said about 67500
> tolls last year but i couldnt find it.

As I said, data varies. Here is an interesting source:

WHO says 3,4%, which is higher than what I said about 2,3%.

> > We can actually end worldwide with less than 100,000, or 50,000 or
> even
> > less with all the drastic measures actually taken.
> so 50000~100000 death worldwide due to supposedly nasty corinavirus is
> WAY too little. it could be maybe millions and more, if a normal
> influenza can kill 20000 deaths per 100 million people on american
> average.

We don't shut down everything with influenza. That could be a huge difference.

Otherwise, yes, millions.

And large difference between countries, the poorest, most overpopulated and most disorganized as far as health care systems are concerned could end with significant death toll.
Uppsala, Sweden and Bombay, India do not have the same risk factor.

> i am quite sure normal influenza could cause the similar death rate for
> those who are old.

Death rate and death toll are two different things.

The absolute number of people dying from normal influenza (death toll) is still
higher in the world than COVID-19 to this day.

But the death rate of COVID-19 is much higher if you take into account the still much smaller number of people who are infected.

Laurent Duchastel


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