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Melbourne, Australia   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Mar 22,2020 at 10:42
In Response to: Melbourne, Australia (Peter Shute)

> Here we are 10 days later, and the Victorian government has ordered
> all schools and non essential businesses closed from Tuesday. We can
> still shop, but apparently people are buying up alcohol, just in case.
> The football season has been suspended.
> Supermarket shortages had started to ease due to relaxation of night
> delivery curfews, and hopefully that continues. Crazy rumours to explain
> the shortages abound.

About the same in Quebec. Schools are closed. Universities will finish their semesters exclusively online (synchronous and asynchronous). All cultural, social and sports events have been cancelled. All banks, state-operated alcohol stores, drugstores, big commercial consumer banners, etc. are either closed, operating on reduced hours or operating mostly online with minimal contact with people. Elderly people are forced to stay in-house. Since yesterday, it's now forbidden to have gatherings of people or even visitors.

These social distancing governmental measures have fortunately a positive impact, and despite a growing number of cases, the situation is still under control, thanks to the strong leadership of Quebec's Premier François Legault and his super team of public health specialists (who many are associated professors, frequent collaborators or graduates of the University of Montreal's School of Public Health for which I work).

Unfortunately, the situation is not as good elsewhere in Canada. Each province in Canada has its own Health Care system and some took to few measures too late. And at the national level, critics are almost unanimous for the abysmal lack of leadership of PM Justin Trudeau who took very few actions, kept blablaing empty and confusing speechs and to the last minutes, wanted to keep our frontiers opened to keep in line with traditional Canadian "open-arms" policy.

I have to find the source for this official graph, but it shows the difference between little and strong social distancing practices.


Laurent Duchastel


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