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Melbourne, Australia update April 14th   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Apr 14,2020 at 13:32
In Response to: Melbourne, Australia update April 14th (Peter Shute)

> A month after my first message. Melbourne, and I think most of
> Australia, has been in lockdown for a few weeks. We're allowed out for
> "essential" business - work (if you can't work at home), shopping,
> excercise and medical only. Police are fining people for breaking the
> rules.
> Our new case curve is flattening out, and there's talk of easing the
> lockdown in a few weeks. 61 deaths so far, miniscule compared to
> countries that locked down later, but we could be in the same situation
> quickly if we lifted it now.
> 17 of our deaths came from one single cruise ship that was allowed to
> disembark without quarantining, and who knows how many were infected by
> them.
> Despite the tragic death tolls in the UK and the USA, my social media
> has gone strangely quiet about it. My contacts there are still posting,
> just avoiding the topic.

Similar here.

The number of cases in Quebec is unfortunately higher than anticipated, despite us being champion of social distanciation in North America according to Google.

Most cases in Quebec are in elderly homes both private and public, which some being badly managed for either unethical profit seeking or lack of adequate public funding after five years of dubious political governance under former Quebec's Liberal Party government obsessed with "public spending rationalization" and "private-public partnerships"...

There is also a concentration of cases in few ultra-orthodox Hasidic communities which have difficulties to understand and to cope with public measures.

Otherwise, yesterday the government announced some measures to return to normal, yet strictly regulated of course.

Laurent Duchastel


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