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Quebec   [OT]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Apr 14,2020 at 18:54
In Response to: Melbourne, Australia update April 14th (Laurent Duchastel)

> The number of cases in Quebec is unfortunately higher than anticipated,
> despite us being champion of social distanciation in North America
> according to Google.
> https://www.macleans.ca/society/technolo...ian-vs-u-s-social-distancing-efforts/

Unfortunately a few key people can spread infection widely, so movememnt reductions don't tell the whole story.

> Most cases in Quebec are in elderly homes both private and public,
> which some being badly managed for either unethical profit seeking or
> lack of adequate public funding after five years of dubious political
> governance under former Quebec's Liberal Party government obsessed with
> "public spending rationalization" and "private-public
> partnerships"...
> There is also a concentration of cases in few ultra-orthodox Hasidic
> communities which have difficulties to understand and to cope with public
> measures.

Hopefully they're changing how they do things now, even if it's too late. It's hard to adjust to an enemy you can't see.

> Otherwise, yesterday the government announced some measures to return
> to normal, yet strictly regulated of course.

What sort of things will be allowed now? It would be so much easier for it to race out of control now that there are cases all through the community. I hope it goes well.


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