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[Wish] Console Title   [Wish]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Apr 18,2020 at 17:10
In Response to: [Wish] Console Title (Bob Epstein)

> I just discovered the /TO and /TP command line options, which
> displays parts of the current path in the Console Title. Currently /TP
> omits the last level when in the tree view. Could it show the entire
> path, and show the same in Line 1? This would be especially helpful when
> many consoles are open, and I could hover over them to find the one I'm
> looking for.
> Bob Epstein

There are these
/T Add random text
/TO Leaf object
/TP Path (no file)
/TV Version
/TZ Force "ZTreeWin"

Have you tried /TO and /TP?

If that doesn't give you what you want you probably need to ZEP for
/TF Full path



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