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[OT] Reconecting mapped network drives on VPN after sleep   [OT]

By: Liviu       
Date: Apr 26,2020 at 22:55
In Response to: [OT] Reconecting mapped network drives on VPN after sleep (Peter Shute)

> What is Explorer able to do to reconnect them that Ztree and the command line can't?

This has come up before, for example [ZEP] Reconnect disconnected drives or [Q] What triggers Ztree to see a network?, but I don't think there ever was a full resolution.

Things have also changed since the XP days of the older posts, and I notice that some disconnected drives can now be reconnected from ZTree (or the cmd prompt), though not all of them, in particular my VPN'd ones can not.

Don't know that there is an official API to reconnect such "lost" drives nowadays. Oddly enough, the legacy WNetRestoreConnectionW was retired since Vista, and the two new functions in mpr.dll WNetRestoreSingleConnectionW and WNetRestoreAllConnectionsW are wholly undocumented.



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