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[Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related)   [Help!]

By: Graeme Hoose       
Date: Apr 30,2020 at 02:51
In Response to: [Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related) (Laurent Duchastel)

> Anyway, if Power Supply is the issue, I'll take the opportunity while
> ordering a new one to pimp up HD to SSD.
> Is there a software way to check if Power supply is at fault?

I don't know a software method to check power, never thought about it.
Don't open the power supply whatever you do, I just unplug from the motherboard
and use a multi-meter.

Spinning drives aren't any less reliable than SSD that I'm aware of, but I do
have one guy that seems to damage them quite regularly.
(So I currently have a Maxtor 200 GB that shows up as 28 GB.)

Originally, the pentium would reboot if I wriggled the monitor connection.
You can imagine the frustration of trying to figure that one out. :-)

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