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[Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related)   [Help!]

By: Liviu       
Date: Apr 30,2020 at 04:55
In Response to: [Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related) (Laurent Duchastel)

Never hurts to check the event logs (assuming Windows), BIOS logs (where available), drive SMART status (where applicable), maybe you spot something out of
the ordinary pointing to a possible cause.

Besides the power supply, memory and drives are among the usual suspects, too. There may also be sensors other than CPU temp which could cause random problems if gone bad.

Then there is always the loose contact story. You said it worked for a day and a half at your place, which could well be because of the OS reinstall, but could also be just because you moved it around. Maybe try to pull everything out, dust it off and reseat.

Good luck,

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