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[Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related)   [Help!]

By: Peter Kilmister       
Date: Apr 30,2020 at 02:02
In Response to: [Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related) (Laurent Duchastel)

I had a PC to repair that had similar symptoms. After wrestling with all software and hardware suspects, I went back to basics and found the problem. I checked the "turn on" button and the "reset" button by a multi meter resistance test. To my surprise both switches showed erratic resistance. When I tilted or bumped the case, resistance varied from 1 ohm to infinity whether the buttons were pressed or not. When I did an autopsy on them, they were both internally full of minute carbon particles.
I replaced both ( I adapted aftermarket push buttons )and all was well after that.

No wonder I had erratic and continuous re boots !

This is a simple resistance test you can do to eliminate this possabality.


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